Your journey stage one: Make a start

At Stage one you are new to international learning and the British Council’s offer to schools. ‘Make a start’ is designed to inspire you to start your international journey with us.


Find out where we can take you

Whatever you are looking for, we have a wealth of opportunities to suit you.


Access our new brochure and wallchart to discover how an international dimension can be developed in your school. From curriculum resources to professional development courses and partnership funding, we have everything you need to bring the world into your classroom.



Brochure for primary schools  (633 KB)

Brochure for secondary schools  (325 KB)

Wallplanner  (648 KB)





The full lesson plans and assembly ideas referred to in the brochures can be downloaded below:


Primary schools:


What makes me happyChinese New Year, Children of the rainforest, Pocket money problems


Secondary schools:


Gaokao feverDigital divideEvacuation at wartimeChildren of the Japanese tsunami

Join a worldwide community of schools

With more than 40,000 schools registered globally, British Council Schools Online is a 'one-stop shop' offering a world of opportunities at your fingertips. Once registered, we can keep you updated on the latest opportunities to help you and your school progress through each stage of your international journey.


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Organise your first international activity

Curriculum resources


As a registered user on British Council Schools Online, you can access a bank of resources to support the introduction of international learning. You can involve the whole school by organising an assembly or a global day/week, based on a particular country, event or topic. Our world calendar lists upcoming events to further inspire your activity planning. 


In addition to the recommended resources in our new brochures, you can also use the following to help you get started:


Rivers of the World is the flagship art and education project of The Mayor’s Thames Festival delivered in partnership with the British Council. The pack contains river themed cross-curricular lesson ideas, activities and assemblies aimed at upper primary and lower secondary students. It focuses on a range of curriculum areas including art, science, geography, history and English. 


The Schools World Service resources, produced with the BBC, are short films for primary and secondary schools, designed to develop understanding of current affairs and global citizenship in the context of international learning. Each film has a short introduction and suggestions for classroom discussion and activities.

Find out about international learning 

Professional development


In addition to using some of our resources in the classroom, you should take part in our free professional development courses. They give you an insight into what international learning can do for you and your students, paving the way for partnerships with overseas schools. 


Our Connecting Classrooms programme has a dedicated professional learning website. You can complete an online introductory course about international school partnerships to prepare you for Stage two. To complement your online learning, you can also participate in a face-to-face workshop, which gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded teachers in your area. 





Introduce authentic culture and language in your school 

Language learning and cultural immersion


Language Assistants support primary and secondary teachers in the classroom and add an international dimension across the whole school. They are native-level speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Russian and Irish. 




Put your school on the map with the British Council International School Award  

Accreditation and awards


Starting your journey with us offers the added benefit of receiving recognition through the International School Award. Having completed one or more of the suggested activities in Stage one, you are already on your way to achieving the Foundation Certificate. This level, the first of three, is awarded to schools that are preparing to embed international work into their curriculum. Visit our International School Award pages to find out how to get started.





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