Bring the world into your classroom



Our new guide to international learning gives you easy access to our projects, resources and professional development courses. Whatever your current level of experience, we have a wealth of opportunities to suit you. From setting up a partnership, to running a project and achieving the International School Award, there is plenty to explore as you embark on your journey with us.

Select one of the six stages below to find out where you are and where we can take you.



Stage one: Make a start

Would you like to discover how international learning can benefit you and your school?  

Join our worldwide community and access our free resources to get started


Stage two: Connect with the world

Have you introduced international learning in your school? 

Find out how you can set up a school partnership



Stage four: Get together

Have our international learning resources inspired you to develop a long-term partnership project?>

Learn about funding opportunities available for partnership projects


Stage six: Become a British Council Ambassador

Do you have experience in delivering a wide range of British Council programmes and activities?

Find out what it takes to become a British Council Ambassador