British Council School Ambassadors’ Workshop

British Council School Ambassadors’ Workshop

Connecting Classrooms in Central and South Asia (CSA) held the first ever regional British Council School Ambassadors’ workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 5 – 6 February 2010.

Ten enthusiastic school ambassadors from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan attended this two-day professional development training workshop.

Attendees comprised of existing British Council Connecting Classrooms teacher coordinators and representatives from our identified partner organisations who will help us ensure the sustainability and expansion of the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme through the Connecting Classrooms Online Community.  

During the workshop, they learned new skills in communication; ICT using web tools available in our Connecting Classrooms Online Community, training delivery, project development and how to get support. They also learned how they can help teachers incorporate an international dimension into their school project or joint curriculum with their school partners in other countries.

Students of Agrani School  work in groupAt the school visit to Agrani School in downtown Dhaka, a demonstration class was conducted to showcase how the ICT kit which has been distributed to each ambassador and includes a laptop, a mobile phone and a solar charger, can enrich students’ project work experience as individual device in the kit can be adapted to serve several pedagogical purposes and works with any class size. Ambassadors thus had a clear idea of optimised use of the ICT kits in the classrooms that goes beyond merely connecting to Connecting Classrooms Online Community.

the school ambassadorsThe workshop also enabled the school ambassadors to have a better understanding of the aims and objectives of the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme as well as their role of being an ambassador. This, in turn, will help them become more confident when representing us in recruiting new schools to join our fast expanding Connecting Classrooms Online Community and work with them. Furthermore, the workshop also provided an excellent opportunity to create a network of school ambassadors in the CSA region where they can discuss, exchange their experience and share best practice among themselves online through dedicated forums and live meeting rooms.

Students is workingThrough a strong network of school ambassadors Connecting Classrooms will be able to reach many more schools, teachers and students and through our Connecting Classrooms Online Community we will be able to build trust and understanding among the young generation in the UK and all parts of the world, helping to prepare them to become global citizens of the 21st century.



Nice to read, after reading i am remembering this workshop, in which i also ve participated.It was superb. we learnt much from that.

Dear All,

Hi ... I am Susana, CCOA from Indonesia.

I am glad to read this ... I miss to meet another CCOA from another country to share anything about CCO activity


Best Regard


Thanks to you both for your comments.  Presently we are looking at how we make this web community more interactive to attract more teachers from around the world - good that you have already seen the news feed and left your comments.


It would be ideal for there to be an opportunity for teachers from different regions to meet and share best practices and experiences.  I hope, with the support of the right partners, we will be able to make this happen.


Best wishes,



Hi, Devid, you are doing good job. Please keep it up. if there is new information please tell us ( SSA connecting Classrooms  Ambassadors )


Mesfin Azanew ( Ethiopia )

Dear David,


I hope you are fine and doing well. We are fine and trying hard to have things running as planned and its very exciting with some challenges. Nonetheless, we are getting through.

Keep the good work.

Hi I was very amazed with the work you are doing as Ambassadors. I wish to be an Ambassador, but how do I? . I shall be very grateful if you could add me in your next workshop to be trained as one of you.

My school need your help to grow especially in the field of ICT which i teach

Thank you

Hi David

First greetings to you and  my fellow ambassadors. I have no doubt that IT  development is making teaching so efficiency and effective. I strongly believe that an "illiterate of 21st Century is not the one who does not know how to read nor write,but the one who is not ready to Learn,re-learn and unlearn".Keep it up good work

Katete Isaac

Hello David and CC IT Ambassadors,

  Its really nice to say again that we are all doing the wonderful job to keep the learning active, CCO Community is making a big step here in Tanzania as well as i can see the expressions from other Countries.  Please let us scratch our heads to make sure that our pupils are increase the  speed of using CCO site and get practice their learning and share.


Wishing you all the best in learning development.


Dear all CCO friends

Now I am in USA for five months to join an International leadership in Education Programme (ILEP) funded by IREX and Us state department. I am really excited to be here in Harrisonbug James Madison University, Virginia USA. I am thinking to have a good link with my fellowship and CCO.

Gook luck.