Refugee Week promotes better understanding of why people seek sanctuary and will be celebrating the contribution of refugees.

Explore why children have to leave their home with our teaching resources and help your pupils to gain a greater understanding of conflicts and the effect they have on people.


Our local community

Syria: Third Space

Look closely at some of the exhibits from the Syria: Third Space exhibition. Gain a greater understanding of the lives and experiences of Syrian children and the effect the war has had on their lives.


Our local community

No place like home

A starter activity for younger students to consider the situation of refugees. You could then progress onto the 'Living together' pack below. 



Living together

In this education pack, discuss themes of conflict and peace with pupils and think through what you would take with you if you had to leave your home.


stuart in class

Your life in one small bag

How a school in Lincolnshire developed an emotional hotline to the experience of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. An experience this group of school students will never forget.

Our local community

Teaching divided histories–International conflict

Explore conflicts across the world through this innovative teaching resource.