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Welcome to the English language resources section of British Council Schools Online.

On this page we will be promoting British Council English language resources to help you and your school to communicate with your partner schools overseas.

There are a number of excellent resources available for you including the British Council's Learn English, Learn English for Kids, our Global home for teachers, where you can find free classroom materials to download, from short activities to full lesson plans, for teaching kids and adults.

There is also the very popular Premier Skills website which is an exciting free website brought to you by the British Council and Barclays Premier League. Communicate in two of the world’s global languages – English and football.

Connecting Classrooms: English for International Exchange

A picture of a person. (c) Matt Wright

English for International Exchange is part of the Connecting Classrooms project. Its aim is to help teachers with limited English understand and talk to teachers in Britain and around the world.

The course helps you communicate in English. It helps you understand emails, write simple emails, understand and speak in phone conversations and make short oral presentations.

There are four modules.

  • Module 1 - Your school
  • Module 2 - Your education system
  • Module 3 - Planning a project
  • Module 4 - Hosting a school visit

Each module takes about four hours to complete. Each module has four units and each unit takes about one hour to complete. You can take longer if you want.

Enjoy English for International Exchange. We hope it will help you communicate more easily with your Connecting Classrooms partners in Britain and in other parts of the world.


Other resources

English Hero

Are you learning English or do you need to improve your English language skills? English Hero can help. Communicate effectively and develop confidence with Texthelp's powerful language learning support software. English Hero provides support for study and exams, in work and for fun. Free trial here.