Connecting Classrooms - Partnerships


Funding for partnerships under Connecting Classrooms is currently under review. Our new offer to schools was announced by the British Council and the UK Department for International Development on 24 June 2015. There will be more details about how you can get involved in the new Connecting Classrooms programme on Schools Online shortly, and on how it can help you to build your professional practice.  In the meantime there are plenty of resources on this site to help you to develop your partnership. Or you can take advantage of some of the funding offers from our other programmes.


For advice on sustaining a school partnership, download the Sustainability Toolkit, which contains lots of practical information drawn from the experiences of schools across the world, all of which can be used to help your partnership thrive.


As the final round of Connecting Classrooms funding has now passed the information below is for those who have been successful in their funding applications before June 2015.


Nigerian children waving

Planning your visit

If you have been successful in your funding application, we are here to help you with guidance on planning your partnership and organising a successful visit.

Charlie Bryan and Nigerian teacher

Reporting on your visit

If you have secured a grant in the final round of Connecting Classrooms funding, get help with the report you will need to produce after your visit.