Language Assistants


Bringing language and culture alive in your school.


Language Assistants work in UK primary and secondary schools, including sixth form and further education colleges. By bringing up to date knowledge of the language and culture of their native lands, British Council Language Assistants inspire teachers and students alike to achieve success in language learning. Hosting a Language Assistant will broaden pupils’ horizons, improve their language skills and increase their cultural awareness.



New funding opportunities to host Chinese Language Assistants.


Apply now to host a Chinese Language Assistant at a significantly subsidised rate.


How do I apply for a Language Assistant?


There are still a number of highly qualified Language Assistants looking to secure a placement in the UK.


If you are interested in employing a Language Assistant please email us or telephone the team at 0161 957 7755 and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are provided with one.


Visit the Language Assistants website for blogs on the benefits of employing a Language Assistant and further information.