Why partner with a school?

Teachers communicating internationally through tablet
Teachers communicating internationally through tablet.
What are the benefits to my class?

Partnerships at any level help to inject excitement into your classroom and provide opportunities to share best practice principals from across the world.


Having a partner school can:

  • Offer fresh perspectives on the world outside your immediate community
  • Give an insight into what it is like to live in another country
  • Increase cultural awareness within your class
  • Teach your class about global issues in a safe, stable environment
  • Help your students challenge to stereotypes
  • Develop ICT and language skills within the classroom
Why should I get involved?

Working with other teachers provides you with many opportunities to develop yourself professionally. You will:

  • Foster long-lasting relationships with teachers across the world
  • Have opportunities to take part in school exchanges
  • Learn more about teaching methods from across the world
  • Qualify to apply for professional development courses such as teaching the Connecting Classrooms core skills
  • Have the chance to gain awards and recognition for your international education work
  • Feed into your school’s curriculum relating to international partnerships
Find out what kind of partnerships are available

Different kinds of partnerships are available ranging from informal virtual partnerships and school exchanges, to professional partnerships.

Start connecting


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