Teacher stories and testimonials

teacher and children in south africa © Mat Wright
Hear from teachers who had a clear idea of the project work that they wanted to do in class and how finding partner schools overseas led to some unexpected results.
Reducing water consumption

Rose Cornelius, international co-ordinator at Marshland High School in Cambridge, set up a project with a school in Sri Lanka with the intention of reducing water consumption among her pupils, which helped broaden her students' awareness of the wider world. 

Understanding the meaning of cultural identity

A partnership between a school in the UK and a school in Jordan aims to help pupils understand more about the meaning of cultural identity, to learn more about their own culture, and to explore the similarities and differences between the two countries. 

Getting a taste of another culture

Jo Turner, a teacher from Devon who has visited her partner school in Senegal three times, decided to set up the link to broaden her pupils’ outlook and give them an opportunity to see themselves as part of the wider world. 

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