Starter Projects And Project Templates

British Council starter activities and project templates enable partner schools to focus their learning on high impact global issues while getting to know each other.

In the pages below you will find examples of starter activities, introductions to various projects, suggestions of how you can introduce particular themes into lessons, and case studies about schools that have worked successfully on these projects. 

Starter project: culture in a box

Make and exchange ‘culture boxes’ containing ten items. By choosing the items to put in, your studentswill learn about how others see them. By explaining their choices they will try to tell their partner school how they see themselves. 

Starter project: through the lens

Exchange photos and learn more about everyday life in your partner school. Raise questions, be surprised and find out what makes you smile.

Project template: identity and belonging

Use our project templates to explore the meaning of identity, discuss how identities are shaped, and learn how social identities may differ between countries and individuals. 

Project template: sustainable living

Encourage your pupils to look beyond the borders of their own countries explore the impact they have on the planet minded and its future, and be more environmentally using our project templates. 

Project template: conflict and peace

Our conflict and peace project templates help to develop students’ thinking on the causes of conflict and approaches to seeking peaceful solutions. Projects and exercises look at conflict in a global sense, and then bring it back to the local context by exploring how young peoples’ lives are touched by conflict.

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