Plan your school exchange


School exchanges and trips overseas are brilliant for developing your partnerships with schools abroad and introducing students and staff to new cultures and languages.


Our school exchange starter kit will get you thinking about the necessary steps to plan and run a school exchange at your school. You can download and edit these documents to suit the needs of pupils, parents and staff in your school.

Download the complete exchange starter pack


The safeguarding and protection of children is central for any trip, whether in the UK or overseas. You can download our accompanying child protection guidelines and consider them alongside your school's own Child Protection Policy when planning a trip overseas, or within the UK.

Download the child protection guidelines


Each school and every trip will be different, so make sure to use these documents alongside your existing school policies and take into account the needs of your own staff and students, and your destination. 


If you would like to contribute any further documents to the school exchange starter pack or the child protection guidelines, or would like to suggest any changes, please email with ‘School exchange starter pack’ or 'Child protection guidelines' as the subject.


Want some inspiration for activities or trips to run in your school?


Read our case studies written by teachers about their international activities, including advice and experience from their own school exchanges.