Plan a visit

School exchanges offer ways to strengthen partnerships with schools in other countries, introduce students to new cultures and languages and enable staff professional development.

Get help setting up a visit to your partner school with the supporting materials on this page.

If you do not yet have a partner school, you can use our partner-finding tools to search for one.

School exchange starter pack

Simplify planning your next partner school visit with our school exchange starter pack. It provides template documents and a structured approach to ensure that your visit runs smoothly from start to finish.

Child protection guidelines

Child protection and safeguarding is essential for any school exchange trip. Download our child protection guidelines and consider them alongside your school's own Child Protection Policy when planning a trip.

Different considerations apply to every school exchange. You are recommended to adapt these documents to support your existing school policies and complement the needs of your staff and students.

Successful school exchanges

Hear from teachers about their school exchange experiences and tips for setting one up successfully at your school.

Apply for a professional partnership grant

Get funded by Connecting Classrooms to visit your partner school overseas.

Fund your French exchange

Apply for a grant to set up a French exchange with a partner school.