Success stories and teacher testimonials

Find out how project work has strengthened international partnerships, hear how teachers got started, what they have gained and why they would recommend collaborative working.
Cultural identity
Pakistan. Retracing cultural roots.

Multicultural Mancunian where 95 per cent of pupils are from ethnic minorities school explores UK pupils' cultural links with Pakistan, a country which many of them already have links to.

Jordan. Cultural heritage provides the ideal introduction.

Read about how pupils in England and Jordan have used Skype and mural making, among other means, to work together around the theme of cultural heritage.

Northern Ireland and Kenya. Learning about ourselves by learning about others

‘It’s not just a partnership between two schools. It’s a chance for two communities to build a mutual understanding and learn from each other,’ says teacher Kelly McCulloch, who has seen her pupils learn about cultural diversity by interacting with their partner schools.

Fair Trade
Ghana. From a cocoa bean to Cadbury World.

Find out how a partnership between a school near Cadbury World in England and a school in Ghana, where cocoa beans are grown, transitioned from its focus on chocolate theme to one exploring more complex social issues.


India. The future is rubbish.

Find out about the ‘Treasure from Trash’ project which was born out of a partnership between three schools in the UK, and one in India, which aims to initiate environmental change by turning rubbish into new items.

Sri Lanka. Reducing water consumption.

A teacher from a school in Cambridge set up a project with a school in Sri Lanka with the intention of reducing water consumption among her pupils, which helped broaden their awareness of the wider world. 

India. A whole school approach to sustainable living.

Find out how a partnership focused on sustainable living has led to pupils in India and the UK to research endangered species, debate about climate change and consider how they can reduce their carbon footprints in their own communities.

Kenya. Nine heads are better than one

Sustainability is an issue that affects us all no matter where we live, but different actions need to be taken in different countries. Learn more about how this partnership between nine schools is benefiting communities in Kenya, Sudan and the UK. 

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