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Use our partner finding tool to discover teachers working in schools across the world to connect and collaborate with. 

What are the benefits?

Schools can gain a lot from partnering with schools from diverse locations. These partnerships offer chances to explore new languages, challenge your students assumptions and investigate themes of citizenship, conflict and belonging.


Improving language skills

  • You can improve language skills with schools across the world 
  • Connect with schools in Cameroon or Senegal to improve French speaking skills.
  • Partnering Latin America provides ample opportunities to learn about the different dialects of Spanish.

Connections with conflict zones


Forming partnerships with schools from areas such as Lebanon provides a real insight into the lives of people behind the news stories.


Understanding of diverse populations

  • Help students challenge preconceptions and explore themes surrounding identity and belonging.
  • Enlighten students on the effects a diverse population can have in our modern, globalised world.
  • Learn about countries such as India, Nigeria and Zimbabwe that are more diverse than you may expect.
Success stories and teacher testimonials

Hear about school partnerships between diverse combinations of countries, see what motivated them to make these links and gain and insight into what it is like to work with partners in specific countries and regions.

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Find out how you can get involved with a community of teachers in over 40 European countries, to collaborate on short or long term projects. 

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