Partner with a school

A teacher working with partner school in Nigeria.

School partnerships give students an insight into another way of life. By working together on joint projects, students can gain a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and global issues such as migration, sustainability and conflict. 


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Why partner with a school?

Hear about the benefits and opportunities a school partnership can offer, success stories and how to start your search.

What partnerships are available?

Find out what partnerships are available and what is right for you.

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Partner with a school by country

Find out which countries you can partner with and search based on themes such as languages or post-conflict communities.

Partner with a school by project

Find out what projects are available, what themes you would like to cover and search for other schools to work with on them.

Apply for funding

Find out what funding is available to support your activities with your partner school, and how you can apply.

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Keep your partnership going

The British Council's Sustainable Partnerships Toolkit gives advice on fundraising, communication, involving your community and more. 

Register for Schools Online

Gain access to free classroom resources.

Find a partner school

Connect and collaborate with teachers in 183 countries

Collaborative project templates

Teachers working on a project together

Work on a project template that offers a framework of learning and activities on the core skills