CCO Schools and Partnership Records

This page contains the links to generic templates for keeping record of schools registered on Connecting Classrooms Online Community and schools' partnerships. 


Colleagues can record registered schools on CCO by going to CCO School Records on Google Docs.


CCO School Records


Colleagues can record on-going partnerships among CCO member schools by going to CCO School Partnership Records on Google Docs.


CCO School Partnership Records


D6 Og public: 


I am impatiently waiting to meet the fellows who are working for online collaboration to improve learning and teaching. Tomorrow I will definitely learn more about CCO after attending the orientation in Avari Towers Karachi.

Dear Nazima  J.

I am a teacher os sencondary school year 7 to 9 at SMPN 2 Samarinda.  Would you like to let me joint your project. What is your specifik interest. Please explain it for me. OK many thanks.

Dear Nazima

Well, i will be patient to wait for you finish your curent activity. OK bless you.