What is international learning?

International learning promotes an appreciation and understanding of other cultures. It encourages young people to become responsible, global citizens, ready to play a positive role in today's society.

‘Pupils have an interest in their studies, in the world around them. They know that there is a world out there, that they are going to be part of, and they want to play a very positive part of that society.’
Percy Farren, Senior Deputy Head Teacher, Currie Community High School

Where do you want to take your class?

By bringing international learning into your classroom, you and your students will learn valuable lessons about sustainability, mutual respect and citizenship.  As a teacher, you will also develop new approaches, methodologies and skills to improve the learning experience in your classroom.


You can bring international learning into the classroom in four ways:

Get started

The first steps to get involved in international education.

Host a language assistant

Language assistants are proven to improve exam results in modern languages.