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Whatever stage of the International School Award journey you are at, we have the materials, teaching resources and activity ideas to help you introduce or strengthen international work in your school. 

Primary school students
Add a Chinese twist to your lessons

In this section, you'll find cross-curricular activities to help you bring the incredible array of Chinese customs and traditions into your classrooms. You will also find lesson plans and additional materials to start building up your students’ Mandarin, the language of one billion people. 

Women and children refugees
Build awareness around the refugee crisis

Engage students in the issues surrounding Europe’s refugee crisis with these materials. The resources will help to strengthen your class’s understanding of the crisis, identify the challenges around integrating into another culture, and explore how they themselves can make a positive difference. 

Connect students with long-term global issues

Open students' eyes to the world around them by exploring some of the 21st century's most pertinent global issues, based around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – from hunger to gender equality, decent work and economic growth to energy shortages.

Child looking through microscope.
Start your own investigative science project

Engage students with some of the biggest challenges facing scientists worldwide with these practical and thought-provoking resources. Each one is accompanied by a short, engaging video featuring schools in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the UK.