Applying in the UK

What levels are available?



Accreditation and Reaccreditation

How do I apply?



For the Accreditation and Reaccreditation levels in the UK, you can choose to submit either an Action Plan or a Statement of Intent. The Action Plan describes the activities you intend to undertake as part of your application for the award. You will receive feedback on the plan within six weeks of submission deadline. The Statement of Intent is a shorter questionnaire confirming eligibility. It is ideal for schools who are confident their planned activities are eligible and don’t require feedback, or those who are applying after the Action Plan deadline

What are the submission deadlines?

Foundation: apply anytime


Intermediate: apply anytime




2016/17 academic year

Impact Evaluation: 11 June 2017 (to receive feedback and your result by the end of July 2017); 16 July 2017 (to receive feedback and your result by the beginning of September 2017)


2017/18 academic year

Action Plan: November 2017

Impact Evaluation: July 2018

Application support

Download the support documents below and visit the guidance and resources section for advice on planning your international work. For additional support, contact the International School Award team in your country.