Applying for the International School Award in the UK

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The International School Award is a map to help you and your school get to a place where your students are excited about the world around them and are keen to learn about all aspects of its culture.

The Foundation level shows you how to get started, the Intermediate takes you to a new level of working with an international partner and the Accreditation is the proof that you've got there. Reaccreditation shows that you have kept up the good work. You can join at whatever level is appropriate to the international work you're currently doing.


At each level everyone who meets the required standards wins the International School Award and we’ll work with you to make sure you get there.  


Whatever stage you are at, we have great materials, advice and resources for you to tap into and support you to introduce and strengthen international work in your school. 


Get started

To apply for the International School Award at Foundation level you need to run one international activity. And we have some ideas for you. From Chinese language and culture to sustainable energy and the refugee crisis. Our resources help your class to understand more about the world.

Find a partner school

If you're ready to take your international work to a new level, you will need a partner school overseas. This will allow your students to heighten their awareness of other cultures and global issues. Find how to set up and get the most out of your partnership. 

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Submit your application

Ready to embark on your International School Award journey? Have a read through our step-by-step application guide – whether this is your first time applying or you’re a seasoned professional, our team is on hand to support you and your school throughout the process.   

Events and webinars

Got a question about the application process or embedding international activities in your school? Attend one of our free events or webinars to get additional support and further ideas on how to design, present and disseminate your international work. 


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Find out how other teachers have enthused their students by adding an international dimension to their curriculum learning.