International Education Week

British Council International Education Week
What is International Education Week?

The British Council celebrates International Education Week every year, promoting the benefits of international learning and cultural exchange to a huge community of teachers and school leaders in the UK and all over the world. We believe that international learning, global communication and language learning is more important now than ever. That’s why this year’s IEW theme was ‘Make Time For Languages’.

Make Time for Languages

Familiarity with other cultures and modern foreign languages skills are an essential part of preparing young people to work in the increasingly globalised economy. At the British Council we provide a number of opportunities to support teachers and young people with their international journeys – both inside and outside of the classroom.

Things to do
  • Download the homework challenge - encourage students to engage in new languages
  • Read our 'Why should I learn language' case studies detailing the benefits of a culturally rich education
  • Try out some of our activity ideas in your school found in the IEW Tips & Activities download
  • Follow us on social media for tips & tricks on how to make time for languages
  • Watch our films - with your students in assembly or in the classroom
  • Plan an event in your school or classroom
  • Download free resources
  • Sign up to schools online for more info on how to partner with a school

Download resource

The Primary Languages Starter pack

Download resource

Chinese Language & Culture Pack

Download resource

Bienvenido a Mexico ~ a Spanish language resource

Bienvenido a Mexico

Download resource

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Mix the Play Lesson Plan