Project Spaces

Teacher working at a computer
Teacher working at a computer

A project space is a virtual place where you and your partner can discuss and plan your project. You can also upload documents and multimedia files, and share your students' work. The project space is secure and only accessible to its members.

Before access to a Project Space can be granted, you must

If you have found a partner school and discussed the project details or project templates with them, then you are ready to start working together on an online collaborative project. Setting up a project space will make the planning and implementation stages of your project much easier. You can set up a new project space by following "Create a project space" step guide.


Please ensure that your partner has visited the site and read our terms and conditions for the Schools Online project. Should you need further assistance, please visit our Schools Online projects FAQs  or Schools Online projects forum.

FAQs about Project Spaces


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