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Mission statement: 

Description for Great Personalities project

Age range: 14 to 18 years old (Primary School)
Duration: 2 months

Click HERE to download the project guide (in English).
Click HERE to download the project guide (in Portuguese).

Students find out about great / important personalities in their region / country who worked to make the world a better place to be. The students will then prepare biographies on these personalities and publish these in the website. They will then view biographies produced by other students, giving them the opportunity to learn about other important personalities around the world. 

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Great Personalities project space
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Ashoka Gupta

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CED GISNO - Brasília - DF - Brazil

Hello teachers! My name is Thaís and I am an English teacher at CED Gisno, a secondary school from Brasília - DF - Brazil. My students and I started this project on February 8th. I split up it into 2 parts: 1) A research about 2 countries, India and South Africa, and about 2 great personalities from each country. The class was divided into 2 groups and they finished their presentation on March 23rd. 2) A research about 1 great personality from Brazil. The whole class worked together. As I have seven different classes of 9th grade, each of them chose a different Brazilian personality to...
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Welcome and Presentation forum for Great Personalities

Welcome to the Great Personalities Project!

Please read the PROJECT PLAN to better understand the project development, its schedule and activities.

Here is a space where you can introduce yourself and interact with other participants. Student’s materials should be posted only at the Exchange Area, Final Product Area and Record Process Area.

If you have any doubt, please contact us by sending a private message here in our online learning environment platform, or an email message to ...


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Exchange Area for Great Personalities

Access this area in week 2 to share with other participants the names of the personalities that your students have chosen to research.

Also take this opportunity to find out with your students which personalities are being researched in other schools who are working on the same project! 


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Final Product for Great Personalities

This is where you will share your final product, produced on the 3rd and 4th Weeks. Share all final presentations with us!

Come back to this area on week 6 and check the biographies produced by students from other schools. Share these with your students. Now your students are ready to organize an exhibition for the whole school using their presentations and the information about other personalities from different parts of the world.


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Process Record Area for Great Personalities

Developing your final product may have produced lots of OTHER materials such as pictures, statements and videos. You can share in this area all those complementary materials.

You can also share your thoughts and comments in the process record area to illustrate the outcomes of this initiative. Tell us more about the worked carried out at your school!


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