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Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

This pack is designed for use by teachers, gallery education staff and other educators. It introduces the work of artist Grayson Perry and explores the tapestry series The Vanity of Small Differences through a number of different themes inspired by the work, offering ideas for educational projects and activities.

Year of the Rooster

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we entered the Year of the Rooster on January 28, 2017. This education pack for UK primary schools contains information and activities to help teachers and pupils learn more about this important spring festival and explore Chinese culture and language.

From our window

Draw, paint or take a photo of what you can see from the window, write a short description, and exchange with your partner school. Display the pictures and much discussion will result! Your partner school can do the same.
School girl recycling

Green schools

How ‘Green’ is your School? How does your school look after the environment? Share and compare ideas for improvement.

Our school meals

Draw, paint, film or take a photo of what you and your classmates are eating, write a short description, and exchange it with your partner school. You could carry out these activities each March for International School Meals Day.

Do's and Dont's

Find out about the laws, customs and moral codes that exist within their country and that of their partner school and reflect critically about the rights and responsibilities they bring.

Words, words, words…

Explore common usage words in English that have their origins in other languages and work as a team to set a quiz for your partner school and solve their mystery words.

Culture in a box

Make and exchange ‘culture boxes’ containing ten items. By choosing the items to put in, they will learn about ‘how others see us’. By explaining their choices they will try to tell their partner school ‘how we see ourselves’.
Man farming the fields

Farming, food, and fair trade

Compare the foods available in your own and your partner school’s country and identify which countries are consumers and which are self-sufficient. Consider the merits and disadvantages of interdependence.

No place like home

Explore ideas on what a home is, and what is not a home, and make this relevant to the situation of refugees. This activity is suitable for students aged 7 - 14.