Core skills training

Core skills training develops teachers’ pedagogy and gives students the tools they need to prosper in a globalised world, preparing them for the future in the best possible way.  Find out what each of the six core skills entails or read our brochure 'Unlocking a World of Potential' on why they were formed and the theory behind their selection.

Why take part in core skills training?

Since the launch of our core skills training packages over 20,000 teachers have participated in training. 82% of teachers and 83% of school leaders have put their learning into practice. 


Benefits for teachers, school leaders and their students are wide-ranging. 

An overview of the types of training packages available:

Introductory training packages
  • Both online (one for teachers and the other for school leaders) and are free for all participants. 
  • We recommend starting with this level before moving onto in-depth training.
In-depth and Supporting training packages 
  • Free for teachers and school leaders who qualify under Connecting Classrooms, or available for a fee. (Contact to find out if you are eligible).
  • Six in-depth training packages for teachers, covering core skills such as 'citizenship', 'digital literacy' and 'critical thinking and problem solving'. One for school leaders on leading the core skills.
  • Involves a school-based project, whereby you have the opportunity to put an action plan into practice.
  • Supporting training package follows on from in-depth training, covering the topic of ‘Teacher as Researcher’.

You can also find out about other professional development opportunities.

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