World Voice

World Voice

The World Voice programme aims to ensure that, through training, collaboration and resources, young people have the opportunity to use singing to develop their musicality and support wider learning. 


What’s it about?

World Voice aims to bring an international network of professionals together to ensure all children and young people across the world have access to singing education of the highest quality.  The network will use a communications infrastructure made up of multimedia platforms to enable teachers and pupils to access resources and teaching guides.


We’ve built a set of pages full of resources which classrooms across the globe can use to introduce singing to young people. These resources should provide a clear shared understanding of how a singing curriculum can enhance learning in all subject areas. There’s also practical advice on how to achieve this throughout our webpages.


By establishing a tradition of shared performance, with countries posting performances online and collaborating with their neighbours, it is our hope that all young people will benefit from the use of singing throughout their learning.




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