World Voice Ideas and activities



“If I cannot fly, let me sing…” Stephen Sondheim


What is World Voice?


World Voice is designed to support teachers connecting children in the UK with others across the world through songs and singing. By embedding World Voices into your curriculum you can enrich both the curriculum and your pupils’ lives and give your young people the chance to gain a deeper understanding of other countries and cultures, in preparation for life as global citizens.


Research shows that singing and good quality music education not only enhances children’s creativity, self-image and social skills, but can also have cardiovascular benefits and improve academic attainment and wellbeing. This unique and exciting project also enables participants to engage in intercultural dialogue with children and teachers around the world in real life situations.


Songs can provide a great way into many curriculum areas. The ideas and activities on this page can be used as starting points in individual lessons or form part of larger cross curricular joint projects involving collaboration over a number of subjects. They aim to develop knowledge and understanding alongside important skills and competencies such as independent research, communication skills and creativity and provide links with the Connecting Classrooms theme of identity and belonging.






  • Find out about emigration from Liverpool letters and photographs similar journeys.
  • Find more exciting joint curriculum projects on our British Council Schools Online Global Learning Resources page.
  • Schools World Service has short films about topical  events told through the eyes of children.
  • National Maritime Museum has resources for primary schools about pirates and all things maritime
  • Take One Picture is the National Gallery`s scheme for primary schools which focuses on different paintings in the collection to inspire cross- curricular work


Copy by Alison Willmott