Rivers of the World

What is Rivers of the World?

Hear from the founder of the Rivers of the World project about its origins and the impact it can have in the classroom.


Rivers of the World education pack

This pack contains high quality, river-themed cross-curricular lesson ideas, aimed at upper primary and lower secondary students. Activities are designed to help students develop their core skills and to reflect upon local and global issues relating to rivers of the world.


Themes covered within the pack are adaptable to your local river; so, you could use the Bann, the Dee, the Clyde or another of the UK’s great rivers as the starting point for your explorations. 

Activities cover a range of curriculum areas, including art, science, geography, history and English. The pack can be used as a standalone resource or collaboratively with a partner school overseas.

Download the pack.


Videos that correspond to the Rivers of the World education pack

The videos below correspond to particular activities within this education pack. Just click on the heading and the video will appear.

Beneath each video (except the introduction) you will find more information about relevant:

  • Curriculum links
  • Core skills
  • Learning objectives