Year of the Monkey


Age suitability: 
7 – 11 years
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International School Award Level: 
Resource type: 
Education pack
Global Skills: 
Collaborating, Communicating
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Resource section: 
Our wider world
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no partner

Discover what 2016's Year of the Monkey symbolises using our new pack filled with fun activities based on Chinese culture and traditions. Start preparing for Chinese New Year, explore the mythology behind the Chinese zodiac and uncover what the Year of the Monkey actually means in 2016. 

Take your students along on a journey with the Monkey King as he steals the pills of invisibility and then sets out to the west with his magical companions. Or, using the pack, teach them how to make traditional opera masks, draw monkeys using Chinese brush strokes, create decorative DIY kites and even learn some basic Chinese.

There are plenty of creative and fun ideas for you and your students to learn about the rich history and culture of China. 

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Note: To listen to embedded sound clips, please download the education pack and open with Adobe Reader.