Football Remembers Education Pack

The Football Remembers education pack for teachers is designed to offer support and resources for pupils learning about the Truce events that took place in 1914, during the First World War. 

It also acts as preparation for a mass participation event in December 2014. Clubs from the Premier League, Football Association and Football League, as well as community clubs and schools, will all play matches to commemorate the Truce.
The pack contains original accounts as well as activities for developing knowledge, skills and understanding across a number of curriculum areas. These can be used in individual lessons and assemblies or form part of larger cross curriculum projects over a number of subjects. You could also use it as a foundation for a joint curriculum project with a partner school overseas.
The activities are aimed primarily at pupils aged 9-14 but can be adapted to suit older or younger audiences studying significant historical events and people from their own locality. 
Each unit contains background information, ideas for discussion and cross-curricular activities. There are learning outcomes, links to curriculum subjects and lists of additional resources.
We hope your school will select from these activities and adapt the suggestions and resources for your own use and join in this special Centenary event. But whatever else you do, encourage your pupils to think about the courage of the soldiers in the trenches in 1914. 
Download your English or Welsh version of the education pack in two parts, activities and sources. 


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