Football Remembers


The Football Remembers project marks the centenary of the Christmas Truce with a special focus on games of football which were played in No Man’s Land.    

It’s very hard to pin down the story of the 1914 Christmas Truce, and even harder to find out about the football matches. It was a spontaneous example of soldiers on opposing sides meeting, sharing comforts and even becoming friends. Naturally it was met with disapproval from military command on all sides.  


This wasn’t planned, arranged and recorded. But it is remembered.  


Download and use our Football Remembers education pack to find out more about the Christmas Truce.

Football Remembers Week December 2014


The focus of the project was Football Remembers Week in December 2014. The British Council, FA, Football League and Premier League invited all schools, football clubs and academies, fans and avid young historians to join the British Council and all of football in a mass-participation event to commemorate the Christmas Truce of 1914. Football matches took place all over the world through the support of Embassy networks – even Ban Ki Moon took part! 

In the Premier League, the Championship and FA Cup Second Round, all 22 players who started the games posed together in a group photograph as a mark of respect to those that played in the 1914 Christmas Truce match. The pictures were uploaded to a special website. 

Meanwhile, the Premier League held a special edition of its annual Christmas Truce international tournament in Ypres, which it has staged for U12 footballers every year since 2011. The games will be played on a new 3G pitch gifted to the city of Ypres.