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finding a partner school

Hello Teachers,

 Im sachee a teacher of English  from a Srilankan  school.

 i 've started a project on  Mapping. That's mapping our way from home to school, done by grade 4 students. If you want to join please contact me through this. waiting for a reply.


Conservation of deep-sea fish, artificial refrigerator '

Urban areas or in areas connected to the power needed to keep the food items fresh in the refrigerator to use. The deep-sea or by river - the river of refrigerator use sunalei everyone was surprised. The power connection is not refrigerated. Without any type of power connection to 10/1 in the opinion of the users and it has good food items as well as users Unlabeled by artificial refrigerator.

By the Satkhira syamanagara deep-sea fish in the neighboring island of gaburara jelera artificial refrigerated to preserve the 10/1 2dina after they are sold.

However, it is to create their own technology. Gabura amongst residents of the village fishermen cakabara By (46), prison manirujjamanasaha more about the many artificial refrigerator production technology, the next big ban to be used with a good strong wood. 's Inner parts of the wooden barrel is first kakasita with purata Dhaka. After all kakasitera tin plenasita and the warp is dhakanasaha with thick polythene. It is banre madhe break the ice. I have caught fish in ice. Usually a week or fifteen days sundarabane side of the deep-sea fishing, fish caught in the day, it is not feasible. Fear of bad or good fish machagulo the sale will be used to facilitate the refrigerator.

Jelera with an artificial refrigerated 5/6 travel and fish can be stored. This is because the weight of a boat in a refrigerator. The refrigerator facility difficulty of the summer when the ice melts quickly. As a result, very few fish from the sea to come into the lokalaye. During cold ice melts at less than the fish can be stored. Normally jelera week / fifteen days go deep sea fishing. The artificial fish caught are sold in the refrigerated fish and fish lokalaye save costs if it is found that the better. The cost of constructing the refrigerator prison Noor Islam (5), and 15 to 16 spend the money. The freezer is making the cost of all materials of good quality. Cakabara of artificial light in the fridge and the user supada prison known as the name of its inventor was one of the Barisal area residents Mandal white person. Almost a decade ago, he moved his family manomalinyera gaburaya due to leave and give up their religion to marry the daughter of the Muslim community. The child was born one son. The wedding was exceptional expenses of the river or deep sea fishing for the white suramna Mandal. The technology created at the fish store itself. The use of artificial refrigerator after it's launched. Further, it was found, with 007 fishermen fishing in sundarabane yeye white tiger attack Mandal died. Currently, the only son of his wife and living in gaburate.

Gabura ghatera ferry boat fishermen north side of the artificial eye in the refrigerator. Jelera the benefit of its structure and style are known. The merits and demerits of the fish refrigerated artificial senior fisheries officer Raj Kumar believes that the quality of the fish and the use of ice. The 1: 1 ratio of ice using ice as long as the fish will be fine during that time. The powder in the freezer for the ice to move over, he said. Senior Fisheries Officer of the official registration authority for all fishermen attention and suggested the use of sea life jacket safety fishermen.

Finding a school

Hello Teachers,

 I'm sachee Dissanayaka from Haliela Central College Srilanka .i like to work with an asian or Europian school.In my school therer are clases from 1- 13. but i prefer working with 3-10 students for projects . i like to do projects on culture, arts, music,history, weather or any other subject. please reply me if you are willing to work with me.


Tree Planation

Faridgongj Secondary School
Faridgongj, Kalapara, Patuakhali

Faridgongj, Kalapara, Patuakhali, Kalapara, Patuakhali arranged program in June, 2012 to create social awareness about the importance of tree plantation. The school conducted rally, facilitated discussion, arranged human chain as well as planted trees in school premises and arranged cultural function to implement its project successfully. Here is the history on how we got involved in social action project of British Council.
History of involvement
We attended in the orientation program arranged by British council and facilitated by BARCIK where we gained idea about social action projects. We received application form and submitted our project including detailed planning to the concerned authority. British Council and BARCIK after screening approved our project and provided us grant. The name of our project is “Campaign in favor of Tree plantation”. After receiving grant, we involved some students to the process and briefed them clearly on how our project could be implemented properly.
Project activity implementation 
To campaign for Tree plantation the school arranged a workshop where students, teachers, members of school managing committee, social workers, representatives of administration and NGos attended and shared their views about the importance of trees and the negative impacts if trees are felled down on the environment and ecology. Tree plantation in the school premises also was held where the chief guest planted trees seedlings to mark the day a significant one. People of almost all stakes appreciate the initiatives taken by schools to protect environment by planting trees and made people aware about the services of trees in our life and their role in making he environment balance.  
Both students and teachers feel proud of being attached in the social action project of British council which is facilitated by BARCIK. Not only among the students but also people living around and adjacent to the school are at least felt and realized the negative impact chopping down trees and importance of trees..

The International Workshop nyanotekanolajira Advertisers

Starting about three dinabyapi international workshop in Dhaka on Friday nyanotekanolajira.

Hotel sonaragamoye Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the workshop.

Wednesday at a news conference held at the old senate is.

Smaller size from small technology transforms an object that has been generated so nyanotekanaloji. Dhaka University and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) are jointly organizing a workshop.

The country - and abroad about three hundred nano-scientists and technicians in the workshop take part in a press conference.

He said organizers of the workshop convenor of the Vice-Chancellor Professor Arefin Siddique in the year, organizers and committee member and secretary professor of BUET - nakiba Chowdhury, professor of physics department samima Chowdhury said.

He said in a written statement said nakiba, nyanotekanolajira application of science, medicine, agriculture, food, textile, engineering, energy and environment, are constantly being improved.

Stem cells 'master' of AIDS

 Stem cell transplantation, five years after a U.S. citizen fully recover from the effects of AIDS in the news that her doctors, that people are looking for ways to maranabyadhi from a long illness.

The report states that the Washington Post, Washington University in Saint luise one simpojiyame Wednesday after an HIV cure from Dr. Brown and his German doctor. Walking misfortune.

Timothy Brown of the AIDS research in 'The Berlin Patient' became known, because it was the start of his treatment.

The 46-year-old Brown is responsible for AIDS HIV is transmitted, caught in 1995. 's 11-year-old head of the liukemiyate affected.

Timothy blood stem cells after chemotherapy need to replace that. Germany took the stage in his treatment of dayitba heidelabarga University expert Dr. Walking misfortune.

Prevention of HIV in the blood is a rare feature to find the product raktadatake. Walking. The body is made of cells with stem cell transplantation Brown's body.

Northern Europe, only 1 percent of the rare person who can eicaaibhibirodhi dehei.

The 007 is replaced Brown in the special stem cells in the body. The HIV infection without any drugs that would stave Brown.

Dr. Walking and said, "Now is confirmed, Brown convalesce from the HIV virus."

The stem cells will be replaced within a few weeks began to recover, said Dr. Brown. Walking.

Brown's body back to the beginning of year again for HIV esache Many researchers had suspected. However, Dr. Walking in, Brown was an infection in the body. The researchers found the virus abasistaguloi.

Dr. Hatarera if the claim is accurate, up till now the only person who can cure AIDS from Timothy Ray Brown

Corporate Social Responsibility

India has one of the richest traditions of CSR.Much has been done to make corporate India reponsible for their actions.But it is yet to get widespread recognition. As part of the IB and CBSE syllabus requirements we are now reserching on the role of CSR and why companies may not consider this as a necessary objective.

In India, certain critical information has to made by companies to teh Securities and Exchnage Board.  Companies have to also give details of how many complaints from stakeholders have been received and resolved. So there are legal bindings and then there is the problem of measuring the effective fulfillment of CSR activities performed by companies.

In line with this we are looking for partners who will share information about their country's stand on CSR. A video chat - a skype session or e pal or just e mails could be used to share resources. We look forward to any school that is interested. Our students are between the age grup of 15-18 years old.


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