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A pupil at Teesdale school discussing his work with a teacher
A pupil at Teesdale School discusses his work with a teacher
How can you get students to address British values in a creative and engaging way?

For Cassie, a teacher at Teesdale School and Sixth Form Centre in County Durham, the opportunity to work, share with and learn from teachers and students across the globe has been fantastic.


Teesdale School is partnered with a school in Abbottabad, Pakistan. They recently joined forces on a collaborative project called ‘The Stories of Our Lives’. 


Students from both schools looked into their family history and shared their stories and perspectives with one another. “The project helped widen students’ cultural understanding” says Cassie. “The students also created family trees. This was very revealing when learning how a family might typically be structured in Pakistan compared to Britain.”


The school was awarded the International School Award in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom.


As part of their work towards the Award, there has been a high level of student engagement across the school and a deeper understanding of and respect for fellow students and their cultures.  For Cassie, “this experience has been invaluable and helped us address British values in an engaging way." 


This was something that was also recognised in their Ofsted report:


A wide range of cultural, artistic and sporting opportunities extend students’ experience and they learn effectively about the importance of tolerance and democracy and other elements which  prepare them for life in modern Britain.


Cassie’s experience of the International School Award has been very positive: 


“It’s meant there’s credibility and value to the work that’s been done as part of the award, which in a small school and community is particularly important.”


Additional information

Cassie Flint is a teacher at Teesdale School and Sixth Form Centre in County Durham in England. The school prides itself on its pastoral approach to education, allowing students to develop the qualities of co-operation and leadership alongside traditional learning.