Intermediate Certificate


Congratulations on reaching this point on your journey into international learning. You will now have a taster of the benefits that introducing global themes can have on pupils, teachers and the school as a whole.


Intermediate Certificate is awarded to schools or educational institutions that are developing their international work. We are still here to support you along your journey, so with that in mind, here are the steps you need to take and all the resources you need to be awarded with the Intermediate Certificate.


Next steps

Please note: comprehensive guidance on achieving the Intermediate Certificate is contained within the Intermediate Certificate Guide 


All documents and forms relating to this section available in the Resources section below 


1. Conduct a survey 

Record young people’s and educators’ understanding of global themes using the International Work Survey


2. Appoint an International Coordinator 

Create a post to oversee international work within the school. See the International Coordinator Job Description Template


3. Write an international policy  

A statement of rules and behaviours to adhere to for the delivery of international education. See the International Policy Template


4. Complete at least three curriculum based activities 

Activities which facilitate hands on learning. Please see the Intermediate Certificate Guide  for help in designing your activity. 


5. Work with a partner school 

Complete at least one of your three activities with a partner school in another country. Find your partner using the Partner Finding Tool


6. Planned activities 

Plan activities across the whole school so that at least half of all learners will participate at some point during their time at school. 


Ready to apply?

If you feel you have done everything required to be awarded the Intermediate Certificate then please fill out our online application form


School stories


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Help and support 

For more information, get in touch with the ISA Team, using the contact details below: 
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