What is the International School Award?



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Managed by the British Council, the International School Award is a supportive and motivational framework that guides schools through their international work. With three certified levels, and free in the UK, the award will take you from introducing international work to the curriculum, to embedding it within your school’s culture.  


Following an accessible methodology you will forge links with partner schools around the world, enhance your curriculum and prepare your students for life as global citizens.  


In these pages you will find links to pages containing information on the certificates, the application process and how to attain the International School Award.  




International work exposes educators to new practices and perspectives, aiding their professional development and as such raising teaching standards. For young people it is a window into different cultures and countries, preparing them for life in a global society. 


Visit our benefits page to find out more about how your school can grow and develop with the International School Award.


Where to start​

  • Register with Schools Online (if you have already registered, login)
  • Read about The award levels and decide which best fits your school
  • Submit an online application by clicking 'Apply Now' below




Find out about the benefits of the International School Award. 


The award levels

Find out about the three levels of certification: Foundation, Intermediate and Accreditation. 


Help and support

Get help, support and guidance on completing and submitting your application for the International School Award.