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Over 10,000 schools around the world are already involved with the British Council’s International School Award, working to embed global themes into their curriculum and so improve standards of education and teaching. 


Working towards the award will link your school with partner schools across the globe so you can work together on joint projects that deal with global issues. Teachers benefit by sharing best practice with one another, so improving teaching and education standards in the school and country as a whole. 


The award is open to any school, so what are you waiting for, don’t get left behind!    

What level are you at?

With three entry points, you can choose which level best suits your school’s existing level of international work. Don’t worry if this is your first step, the International School Award’s motivational framework supports you at every step on your journey. To find out more about the different levels please click on the links below.


The development of international learning within your curriculum


The embedding of international learning in the curriculum


The expansion of international learning to the wider community 




If your school has done enough to be awarded any of the levels above, fill in our Online application form