Intermediate Certificate



A school applying for the Intermediate Certificate will be developing international work and in doing so will have:

  • Started its international journey and established links with partners overseas
  • Worked on collaborative projects with partners overseas
  • Shared educational practice with partners overseas and implementing changes across the school
  • Grown awareness of global issues amongst students

Requirements and Resources


The school should list on their online application form at least three curriculum-based international activities, at least one of them must be done in collaboration with partner(s) overseas.


When working towards the Intermediate level of the International School Award, you will learn: 



Deadline and Timings


From October 2015, there is no deadline for submitting the Intermediate application form. The only requirement is that a significant part of the activity has taken place in the 12 months prior to the application date (see frequently asked questions box below).



To help you to prepare, you can download a blank Intermediate Application Form, though the actual submission must be via the online form via the 'Apply' button:

Blank Intermediate Award Application 



If you require more information or advice on the Intermediate Certificate of the International School Award feel free to contact our team at or by phone on +44 (0)20 7389 4620.



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