Accreditation and Reaccreditation


Requirements and Resources

A school applying for the Accreditation/Reaccreditation level of the International School Award will have embedded international learning across the school and curriculum and in doing so will have to:

  • work with international partners on a range of projects, sustaining activity throughout the academic year
  • embed the international work across the whole school
  • share educational practice with partners overseas and implementing changes across the school
  • disseminate their approach to international work and demonstrated long-term impact (Reaccreditation only)

The school should list on their online application form at least seven curriculum based international activities, three of them must be done in collaboration with partner/s overseas and one of those three must have an element of foreign language learning.


When working towards the Accreditation level of the International School Award you will learn:



Deadline and Application Information


A school applying for Accreditation or Reaccreditation level of the International School Award follows the two step application procedure in order to:


  1. Submit either the online Action Plan or the online Statement of Intent
  • Action plan –describes the activities the school intends to undertake as part of its application for Award. Schools will receive feedback on their activities within six weeks from the deadline date.​

The Action Plan deadline is midnight on 13 November 2016.

  • Statement of Intent - a short questionnaire confirming your school’s eligibility for the Re/Accreditation level. It is submitted instead of the action plan. The Statement of Intent route suits schools that are confident in their activities’ suitability and quality because they will not receive feedback from our external assessors to confirm that the planned activities meet our eligibility and quality criteria. It is also suitable for those applying after the Action Plan deadline.

There is no deadline for submitting the online Statement of Intent form. It must though be submitted before the Impact Evaluation.


  1. Report on the impact of the activities on pupils, teachers, community by submitting the online Impact Evaluation.

The Impact Evaluation deadline is midnight on 11 June 2017 (for results before school holidays) or midnight on 16 July 2017 (regular deadline).





Blank Full Accreditation Award Action Plan and Impact Evaluation


Blank Reaccreditation Award Action Plan and Impact Evaluation


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