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Over 10,000 schools around the world are already involved with the British Council’s International School Award, helping their pupils to learn in an international context so that they grow up as global citizens.


Working towards the award will link your school with partner schools across the globe, as you work together on joint projects that deal with global issues. Teachers benefit by sharing best practice with one another, improving teaching and education standards in the school and country as a whole. 


Find out how beneficial International School Award can be for your school. 


British Council International School Award Video from British Council Schools Online on Vimeo.

Where to start?


With three entry points, you can access the Award at the level which best suits your school’s existing international work. 


  • Foundation Certificate

This level suits schools that are new to international learning. Working towards the certificate helps schools to introduce internationalism in the curriculum and engage in partnership work forming a foundation for future international collaborative work.

Please see the Foundation Certificate Guidance (English)  (Bangla)  (137 KB)



  • Intermediate Certificate

This level suits schools that have already started their international journey and are gaining experience of working on collaborative projects.

Working towards the intermediate certificate helps schools to increase the level of international activity and impact in the school.   

Please see the Intermediate Certificate Guidance (English)  (Bangla) (137 KB)


  • Accreditation

This level suits schools that are experienced in working with international partners on various projects and sustaining activities throughout the year. 

Working towards the full award helps schools to start disseminating their learning to others in their local community as educators benchmark practices with partner schools. 

Please see the Accreditation Guidance (English)  (Bangla)  (138 KB) 


  • Reaccreditation


Reaccreditation is required every three years after a school receives the International School Award Full Award.   Working for reaccreditation helps schools to deliver international learning at a consistently high standard and supports other schools in their journey through the stages of International School Award.

Some schools take advantage of the flexibility of the International School Award by taking a stepped approach towards gaining full accreditation, undertaking a different stage each year, while some schools tackle two or three stages in one year. 



Next Steps

If you feel your school has already done enough to be awarded the Foundation, Intermediate or Accreditation certificate, please apply online now. Please note that you will need to be registered with Schools Online first.



Award Deadline
Application submission for ISA Foundation/Intermediate/Full award (for activities completed in the 2013/14 academic year) 20 March 2014

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Telephone: +88 02 8618905