French exchange opportunities

Secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges that already have a partnership with a school in France can apply for funding for reciprocal student visits.

Both Charles de Gaulle and Lefèvre offer £5,000 for reciprocal visits and for extended project work. And if you and your partner school apply at the same time you could access £10,000 in total.

Lefèvre Trust

Lefèvre Trust funding is for secondary school groups working towards their GCSEs or National Qualifications. It is aimed at developing the French language proficiency of pupils.

Charles de Gaulle Trust

Charles de Gaulle Trust funding is for small groups working towards their A Levels or Highers, who want to take their French studies further. It also offers funding for vocational training and sixth form colleges. 

Success stories

Pupils at Royal National College for the Blind preparing themselves for employment

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