Professional partnerships

Preparing for a professional partnership

Before you can apply for a professional partnership, you must complete one of our fully-funded courses on teaching the core skills.

If you have engaged in any of our professional development courses on teaching of the core skills, you may be wondering how you can best apply the lessons you have learned to wider teaching practice in your school.


Developing a professional partnership with an internationally-minded teacher from an overseas school can be a rewarding step towards putting your core skills pedagogy into practice at your own school. Partnering with a teacher from overseas will provide you with:

  • opportunities to compare and exchange knowledge and techniques on embedding the core skills in your classroom
  • broadened horizons regarding a variety of teaching methods used in different parts of the world
  • confidence to propel core skills teaching school-wide

To make the most of professional partnerships, it is essential to find a partner teacher whose goals and aims for developing core skills teaching in their school are aligned with your own.

Teachers seeking professional partnerships

Take advantage of our online partner-finding platform to meet other teachers who are looking to build upon their core skills training by seeking professional partnership opportunities. Simply follow the guidance to find a partner and continue your core skills learning journey with them.

Work together on a project

Template projects are learning programmes on topical themes which can be used across the curriculum.

Create a project space

Use our project spaces to securely plan and work on activities online with your partner.

Work face-to-face with your partner

If you and your international partner feel there is benefit in working together face-to-face, you are invited to apply for a Professional Partnership grant.

Professional partnerships in practice

Read about a professional partnership between two schools in the UK and Zimbabwe that is going from strength to strength.

Connecting Classrooms

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