Why use Schools Online?

If you are interested in making international learning a part of your school culture, or if it already is, then Schools Online is where you will find the tools to support you.

Offering an international dimension to your student's education helps them develop skills to make them more effective in a highly globalised society.


By registering with Schools Online you will gain access to resources, forums, project spaces and courses, which will help you bring the world into your classroom.

Gain professional development

Schools Online connects you to a range of professional development courses and opportunities to improve your skillset around international learning. 

Create a new partnership

A partnership is an ideal way to embed international learning in your school, while providing opportunities to expose yourself and your students to new cultures and ways of thinking. 

New classroom resources

Schools Online offers an array of different classroom resources and education packs to enrich the learning experience of your classroom. The resources are designed for schools at different levels of international education experience.

Collaborate with teachers

Schools Online is home to forums where teachers can discuss and share ideas, meet colleagues and work together. Signing up for Schools Online will give you access to hundreds of teachers around the world to interact with.

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The first steps to get involved in international education.

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