Professional Development


A new Connecting Classrooms professional development offer will launch soon.


It will include face-to-face and online learning training for teachers and school leaders in participant countries worldwide to support them to integrate a range of core skills into the curriculum, with a focus on:

  • digital literacy 
  • critical thinking and problem solving 
  • creativity and imagination 
  • student leadership
  • collaboration and communication 
  • citizenship.

While the offer is prepared for launch why not take one of our existing global citizenship online learning courses that are currently available.


OPPORTUNITY: The British Council is currently inviting tenders for our UK leadership consultants. Click here for more details. 

Online learning

Online learning

Location needn’t be a barrier to development, with free online courses for teachers in global citizenship, ICT and English for international exchange. These are provided through the Connecting Classrooms Professional Learning site.

'Connecting Classrooms Professional Development courses play an important role in supporting the development of an international learning community that equips educators to develop young people into global citizens.'


Dr Doug Bourn, Director of Development Education Research Centre at Institute of Education, University of London. 




The Institute of Education endorses the British Council’s professional development courses for teachers on global citizenship.