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Climate 4 Classrooms 

This project provides you with ideas and resources to deepen your pupils’ understanding of climate change and to help them to see this complex topic in a global context.

The project website was originally aimed at schools in Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Mexico and the UK, but it features content that could support your school’s international partnership.


Climate materials

Our changing climate will impact at the global, national and local scales. Through some of the latest scientific data and projections C4C provides curriculum-linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils. Its resources include:

  • interactive data sets showing the latest global and national climate predictions
  • climate science brought to life by the experts
  • case studies investigating global, national and local impacts and solutions
  • guidance for teachers on using the resources.

Education pack

The C4C education pack is to support schools around the world to teach, think and talk about the global and intercultural dimensions of climate change. It contains learning activity ideas, sample lesson plans, tips and further resources to use with pupils aged 7 to 16 years. Learning activities are grouped around the following three themes.

1. Weather and climate.
2. Climate Change: causes, evidence and future predictions.
3. Making a difference and finding solutions.


Schools are encouraged to follow these three themes and take their pupils on a journey of understanding, from learning about weather and climate to engaging with issues surrounding climate change. Schools develop community action plans to find solutions and make a difference to their environment and community.

Climate4Classrooms Education pack

Climate 4 Classrooms

International sustainability

The British Council believes that creating opportunities for people to understand each other better, work together more and learn from one another is crucial to building secure, more prosperous and sustainable futures for us all.

By using our extensive international networks to develop a range of perspectives we are helping to increase the understanding of climate change issues. This leads to to consensus building about climate actions and solutions.

Our partners

The resources on C4C have been developed in collaboration with climate scientists and using data from the latest research, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The project was devised in partnership with The Royal Geographical Society and The Royal Meteorological Society.

Teacher notes

The resources, which are in five languages, include graphs and maps as well as a set of lesson plans and activities. Each activity that explain climate change for students age 12 upwards. Teacher answer sheets are included for each activity.

The resources can be downloaded and so students do not need to be online to access this resource.

Two schools from different countries that have both used this resource could do some very worthwhile discussion work around it. If you are using the resource and would like to explore this possibility for a school partnership, please let us know via the forums and we will contact other teachers who have used it.