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We’ve joined forces with The Reading Agency, created some great resources, mixed in some international inspiration and come up with a literacy project called Chatterbooks.

Part of our Connecting Classrooms school partnership programme, Chatterbooks builds knowledge and understanding of other societies through shared reading experiences. The focus is on reading for pleasure, but the hope is that this scheme can also encourage the sharing of ideas across the globe.


Who is it for?

Chatterbooks is designed for children and young people aged between 4 and 13 years. You can run it with your whole class, or set up Chatterbooks to work with a particular target group – e.g. encouraging reluctant readers, supporting keen readers, or inspiring children who have difficulty with reading.


Ideas and inspiration

The main focus for your Chatterbooks discussions and sharing with your partner will be the texts and ideas packs provided for you below.

PDF Download Handbook April 2011

PDF Download Handbook Section 1 Introduction and Aims

PDF Download Handbook Section 2 setting up your group

PDF Download Handbook Section 3 Running a session & Booktalk

PDF Download Handbook Section 4 Ways to connect - session ideas

PDF Download Handbook Section 5 Monitoring & Evaluation

 PDF DownloadChatterbooks Orange Juice poem and activities pack