Starting to collaborate

Now you have your link school established it’s time to embark on some collaborative projects.                                                              


The simplest and easiest way to get started is to download one of these introductory activity templates, but you could also start your own project.You might find it helpful to share your work in one of our online project spaces or use this as an opportunity to try out some other forms of ICT.


Introductory activities

These templates allow you to ask about your partner school's country, its weather, wildlife and customs. This kind of exchange can generate valuable information for later, more in-depth, curriculum work. 

Choose one and get started today.

1. From our window (7-11 or mixed ages)

The view from our window is a flexible way to explore similarities and differences between schools.  Why not explore using different media?

PDF download   Download ‘View from our window’ template project (PDF)

2. Fiesta (7-11 or mixed ages)

Choose two dates during the year to exchange. For example Pancake Day and Ramadan are both about fasting - and special days on which you can have a feast.

PDF download   Download ‘Fiesta’ template project (PDF)

3. A day in the life (7-11 or mixed ages)

 Students produce and present a PowerPoint presentation, scrapbook, cartoon or video montage of a typical day in the life of one or more of the students.

PDF download  Download ‘A day in the life’ template project (PDF)

Note that 'mixed ages' means you can use this templates with an older or younger class than yours. 

Download more introductory activities in the template projects section or visit Projects and resources for more ideas and lesson plans.


Sharing viewpoints

Discussions and debates between countries and cultures are great for developing communication skills and a greater understanding of different viewpoints. There are a number of ways of doing this.

Whatever discussion solution you choose, remember to close down the system at the end of the session. It goes without saying, this kind of collaboration should only happen on school premises with teacher supervision. 


Get your own project space

If you haven’t already you might want to consider using a British Council Schools Online project space; a private space for teachers that is available to all registered users.

Request a project space.