Report on Tree plantation

Report on Tree plantation

Victoria High school, Sreemongal, Moulvibazar



Victoria High School from CCS Moulvibazar arranged program on in July, 2011 to create social awareness about the importance of tree plantation. The school conducted rally, facilitated discussion, arranged human chain as well as planted trees in school premises and arranged cultural function to implement its project successfully. Here is the history on how we got involved in social action project of British Council.


History of involvement

We attended in the orientation program arranged by British council and facilitated by BARCIK where we gained idea about social action projects. We received application form and submitted our project including detailed planning to the concerned authority. British Council and BARCIK after screening approved our project and provided us grant. The name of our project is “Campaign in favor of Tree plantation”.After receiving grant, we involved some students to the process and briefed them clearly on how our project could be implemented properly.


Project activity implementation

To campaign for Tree plantation the school arranged a workshop where students, teachers, members of school managing committee, social workers, representatives of administration and NGos attended and shared their views about the importance of trees and the negative impacts if trees are felled down on the environment and ecology. Tree plantation in the school premises also was held where the chief guest planted trees seedlings to mark the day a significant one. People of almost all stakes appreciate the initiatives taken by schools to protect environment by planting trees and made people aware about the services of trees in our life and their role in making he environment balance.   



Both students and teachers feel proud of being attached in the social action project of British council which is facilitated by BARCIK. Not only among the students but also people living around and adjacent to the school are at least felt and realized the negative impact chopping down trees and importance of trees..