Classroom resources

This section contains a range of activities designed by education professionals to help your students explore the world beyond their classroom.
We have produced a series of classroom resources which you can browse from the filter on the right, including by subject, age range and length.
If you are new to international working and don’t yet have a partner school, you can browse our Education Packs from the button on the right. Many of these include materials that you don’t need a partner to use. 
If you have just formed a partnership and you want to start exploring the differences and similarities, then the place to start is Our school.
Classroom resources in ‘Our Local Community’ and ‘Our Wider World’ are designed to lead your students through increasingly advanced issues related to Global Citizenship. 
Each of the classroom resources in ‘Our Wider World’ leads on further activities on related themes.



Our School

Our school

A range of short activities that encourage students to produce work about their school life, such as the games they play, the food they eat and the technology they use. These can then be compared and contrasted with those of their partner school.


These activities are ideal for schools in the early stages of their partnership.

Our local community

Our local community

These activities enable students to compare community life with that at their partner school, by focusing on aspects such as laws and food production, and exchanging work using a variety of media.


If you have an established partnership with another school, these activities can help you to develop the relationship further.

Our wider world

Our wider world

If you have a well-established relationship with your partner school, these activities will help your students explore wider international issues such as language and globalisation.


These activities then lead on to longer projects to allow you to develop the work with your partner school even further.