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Reaching Ifrane ....

Well, I finally did get here at 0520 yesterday morning and had a few hours sleep before meeting Amina El Abdellaoui who is our Education Projects Manager for the British Council based in Rabat.

Although we only had an hour or so to touch base it was good to meet with her and she introduced me to Mr. Mohammed Hassim who is the ex-President of the Moroccan Assocation of Teachers of English (MATE), who are keypartners for Connecting Classrooms in Morocco.

Tangiers to Ifrane

I wrote this last night while on the train:

"I am now just leaving Tangiers after finally boarding the 21:50 train to Fez after missing the 17:00 by 30 minutes.  I will arrive in Ifrane somewhere near 4am and hope someone will be awake!

Meanwhile, after enjoying dinner and a walk on the seafront in Tangiers I am securely in my 6-berth 1st Class cabin which was about 15 pounds - very good value!

At present, I am on my own and going to take advantage of this fact while I can and try to get some shut-eye.  I'll copy and paste this into my blog tomorrow."

Algeciras Port

Well, after a fairly uneventful flight from Luton to Gibraltar.. I new find myself aboard the ferry via a taxi I caught from La Linea after crossing the border from Gibraltar to Spain.

This boat I am sitting on now was supposed to be the 14:00 but it is now 15:40 and still hasn't left the port. So much for being the 'Rapid'!

Looks like I won't get the 17:00 train from Tangiers to Fez. The next one leaves at 21.00 and as it takes 5 hours I will not get to Ifrane much before 3 in the morning.

Luton Town

So here I am in Luton town.  I'm back at the computer keyboard now and in my hotel room having travelled by coach from Heathrow to Luton.  The only way of still getting to the iEARN Conference is via Gi

How to get to Ifrane the hard way!

I'm currently Sitting outside Cafe Nero in Heathrow airport Waiting for my bus to Luton airport. l'm blogging using my mobile phone using the text transcriber which is tot perfect but quicker than the keyboard. It should also help inprove my handwriting!  Anyway.

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